Ten things you need to know about 

KXEN 1010 AM!

1. Over 50 continuous years of Christian programming.

2. Licensed at 50,000 watts to the St. Louis bi-state region!

3. Daytime signal covers over 3 million children of God, nighttime reaches 1.8 million.

4. Clear, powerful signal produced by new state-of-the-art transmitters, studio equipment and computer automation.

. Under the same Christian leadership for over 30 years!

. Nationally known programmers and prominent local Pastors, some who have had their Ministry's broadcast with KXEN continuously since the 1970s.

7. Database of over 5,000 names and other surveys indicating our audience is primarily over 25 years of age with a majority being female.

8. Free streaming audio over the internet of your program and commercial spots at www.kxen1010am.com.

9. Free promotional announcements about your program throughout the week!

10. Free use of our studios and audio operators for production of your programs and spots.