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KXEN is St. Louis' Christian voice, covering 3 million souls throughout the metro area.

With a 50,000 watt signal, KXEN features quality Bible teaching and Christian talk programs to listeners on both sides of the river.

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(updated 1/6/2015)

5:00 am (M) The Good News Good Morning Show Calvin King
The Power of Pentecost Pastor Dennis Myers
5:45 (M) Jesus is the Answer Ministry Jeannette Taylor
6:00 Watchman on the Wall Noah Hutchings
6:30 The Old Trailblazer Broadcast Pastor Albert Pendarvis
6:45 Higher Hope Ministry Pastor Reginald Powe
7:00 Glory of Christ Hour  Pastor Gregory Walker
7:30 Miracle Revival Hour Broadcast Pastor David Paul
7:45 Enjoying Everyday Life
Joyce Meyer
8:45 Spirit of Victory
Pastors Lee & Doris Rice
The Gospel Truth
Andrew Wommack
R. G. Hardy Presents Christ
Pastor R. G. Hardy
10:15 (M,W,F) Word of Deliverance 
Pastor Anthony Trice
10:15 (T,Th)
Love's Last Call
Carol Ann Caster
10:30 (T)
Flocks of Israel, Jacob's Children
Minister Earl Woods
10:30 (W)
Deer Valley Home Health
Carolyn Bryson
10:30 (Th) The Ministry of the Holy Spirit
Pastor Shirley Page
10:30 (F) Rite to the Doctor
Dr. Richard Cranwell
10:45 (T) Real Marriage, Real Talk Ken & Beverly Jenkins
11:00 (Th) Messages from the Mount Pastor Juan B. Conway
11:30 Renewing the Mind Rev. Prosper Udodor
11:45 Concepts of Faith Charles Capps
Noon Riches in Christ Diane Kannady
12:15 pm Enjoying Everday Life Joyce Meyer
12:30 Thru the Bible
J. Vernon McGee
1:30 Watchman on the Wall Noah Hutchings
2:00 In Season, Out of Season Father Tom DiLorenzo
2:30 (W) Looking Unto Jesus Bishop Alton Davis
2:30 (Th) The Blessing of the Lord Cloteal Morgan
3:00 Healthline Dr. Bob Marshall
3:30 (M,W,F) Solomon's Temple Broadcast Bishop James E. Holloway
3:30 (T) Job Talk Marilyn Parker
3:45 (Th) Evangelistic Outreach Elder Jerry Garrett
4:00 Destined to Win Pastor Marquaello Futrell
4:15 Transformed Lives Pastor Pricellious Burruss
5:00 Enjoying Everyday Life Joyce Meyer
5:15  Word of Deliverance Pastor Anthony Trice
5:30 (M)
Back to the Streets
Pastor Latty Watts
5:30 (T,Th) Lunch with Minister Sutton  Minister James C. Sutton II
6:00 (M) Care Notes  Earline Walker
6:00 (W) The Word of God in Depths Bishop Luther Blackwell, Jr.
6:00 (T,Th) Turning the Page Aline Phillips
6:00 (F) Last Days Arthur Roy Johnson
6:30 (Th) Health Trends Dr. Pinkus
7:30 (M) Elation Kimmie Robinson
7:30 (T) Words of Inspiration Deborah Hayman
7:45 (T,W) Faith Now Pastor Leslie Green
8:00 (Th) Voice of Victory Elder Dallas J. King
8:30 (W)
Higher Heights Deliverance
Pastor Melvin Kindle
9:00 (Th) Total Deliverance Pastor Sherman Strong
9:15 (T,W) Impossible Situations Pastor Alvin Banks
9:30 (M,F) The Voice in the Wilderness Pastor Alvin Banks
9:45 (F) The Light Gospel Brdst of Deliverance Pastor Timothy Troupe
11:30 pm Miracle Revival Hour Broadcast Pastor David Paul

(updated 1/6/2015)

5:45 am The Word of Truth Broadcast Everette E. Broome
7:00 Free Women Ministry Cherry Burnett
7:30 Gospel Radio Seminar Elder Gerald Meeks
7:45 Today's Devotional Evangelist Latunya Farr
Gospel of the Kingdom Ken Lewis
8:45 The Character of Your Witness Rev. Harold Coleman
9:00 Hour of Faith and Deliverance Pastors Jeremiah & Jeffrey Grimes
9:30 Sports Crusaders Live Randy Curless
10:30 Word of Deliverance Pastor Anthony Trice
11:00 Heathline Dr. Bob Marshall
Noon Blow the Trumpet, Sound the Alarm Pastor Robert St. Clair
12:30pm Have Faith in God
Elder W. D. Harris
1:30 The Dummy Doctor Radio Show Mike Coleman
2:00 Developing Fruitful Minds Pastor Carl Jackson
2:30 A Time for Restoration  Rev. Ken McKoy
2:45 New Dimensions in God Pastor Arlene McClendon
4:00 Flame of Fire Pastor Robert Strong
4:30 The Truth of God's Word
Evangelist Johnny D. Boyd
5:00 Consuming Fire Ministries Rev. Alvin Harris
5:30 River of Water Pastor Melba Boyd
6:00 A Moment of Hope
Charisse Woods-Burrell
6:30 Hope for Today
Jesse Burns
7:00 Echo  Pastor W. F. Bridges
Morning of Miracles Pastor Cynthia LeFlore

(updated 1/6/2015)

7:00 am 
House of Bread Eva Wren
7:15 With God, You Will Succeed Tom Leding
7:30 Gospel of the Kingdom Ken Lewis
8:00 Born to Win Ron Dart
8:30 The Way It Ought to Be Pete Hornbuckle
9:00 The Dummy Doctor Radio Show          
Mike Coleman
9:30 Cote Brilliante Presbyterian Pastor William Gillespie                           
10:00 The Whole Truth Broadcast Bishop Shelton Ralpha
10:30 Day of Decision  Paul Groman
11:00 New Bethlehem Baptist Church            Bishop Hosea Gales
12:30 pm Call to Worship Pastor Bernard Timmerman
1:30 The Word of God in Depths Bishop Luther Blackwell, Jr.
2:30 Voice of Truth L. R. Shelton, Sr.
3:00 Kingdom Minded Pastors Elcid and Dena Strickland
3:15 It's in the Word of God Elder Fred Bronner
4:00 The Good Part Slayder Betts
6:00 What Does the Book Say Ministry Bishop Dwight McDaniels
7:00 Victory Outreach Pastor Carl Terrell
7:30 pm The Gospel is the Power Pastor Willie Holloway



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